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The Mamba has light toggle and riser pressure, allowing you to explore all avenues of available control input and to maximize the performance of your wing.By utilizing the light front riser pressure to your advantage, you will soon learn that you can continue to increase both the speed with steep but controlled dives with this incredibly high performance wing.We have absolutely no boundaries; we display webcams of people from all over the globe.

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- Pre shaped nose - Improved inflation and aerodynamics.

- Zero Porosity Fabric - Provides increased durability & longevity - 700 lb HMA Line - Provides exacting tolerance on line trims.

Recent tests against other high performance canopies show that the Mamba has a definite advantage in this performance arena.

With the Mamba you will increase your ability to get back from a long spots and have the absolute longest swoop landings you have ever experienced under a non cross braced wing.

- Aspect Ratio - 2.7:1 - Planform Factor - 22.1 The Aerodyne Mamba is the ultimate high performance 9 cell elliptical designed with the more experienced pilot in mind that isn’t looking for all the associated costs and pack volume issues associated with cross braced canopies.

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