Who is stephen farrelly dating

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After reportedly being linked to a woman named Brooke Hubbard in 2013, Sheamus’ love life has mainly stayed out of the spotlight.

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There was a weight gain of 5,000, lots of cosmetic surgery. I've still got the stretch marks, even though I’ve lost all the weight, but it was so much fun. This part is about to be over; now the movie’s out.

Now we’ve got to wait until Michael Bay decides if he’s going to do another one and if we’re going to be in it, which would be fun-tastic. In 2013 the young actor made waves with his intense, uncontainable turn in “Palo Alto,” based on Franco’s short story collection about bored California high-schoolers.

Gary Anthony Williams: We both grew up on the Turtles, and the version we grew up on was the one on television — the cartoon from long, long ago. But they have a fun-ness to them, the same as they did in the cartoon so long ago.

Not so much the comic books; some of those are grittier. Stephen Farrelly: I did second-guess it when I asked, “Who’s Bebop?

The Irish wrestler, 36, teased sci-fi fans with an ambiguous, double-negative message saying he “can’t confirm” that he “won’t not be” taking up the role.

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