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While we make an effort to include the best deals available to the general public, we make no warranty that such information represents all available products." It’s natural to want a quick fix for your credit problems, but be wary of any practice that seems deceptive — even if it could work in your favor.In September 2016, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau filed a lawsuit against Prime Marketing Holdings, a credit repair firm based in Van Nuys, Calif.And nowhere is that more clear than when you try to get a mortgage or refinance an existing one.

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Once hidden in the computer terminals of banks, they’re now freely available to you via many providers on the Internet.

But in reality, getting a loan takes into account much more than just your score.

In its complaint, the CFPB alleged the company charged customers advance fees “totaling hundreds of dollars” and misled customers about their ability to remove negative items from their credit reports.

The case is still active, but it’s just one example of the proliferation of credit repair abuse in the U. And it gives rise to the question: How do I know if a credit repair company is legitimate or just another scam?

Just make sure you do it at least a month before applying, as banks typically report data to the credit bureaus only once a month.

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