Video of minorities dating with discrimination

by  |  14-Mar-2018 11:11

"With 17.7% of Black women and 20.5% of Bangladeshi and Pakistani women looking for work being unemployed compared to only 6.8% of white women, the inquiry found that this gap has remained constant for Black women since the 1980s, and has actually worsened for Pakistani and Bangladeshi women since 2004," it said.

Zamila Bunglawala, of the Young Foundation said the situation made a "mockery" of the education system.

A Hindu or Christian living in Pakistan has exactly the same rights as anyone else in the eyes of the state.

Government should be proactive in promoting interfaith harmony, but basic human courtesy training starts at home.

"If there are no policy interventions then we anticipate that the high level of unemployment among Pakistani and Bangladeshi women will just continue.

"That is not the society that we want in the UK, that is not an inclusive society, it's not making the best of our young people and it makes a mockery of our education system. if you cannot get a job at the end of it and you cannot give back to society?

People from black and minority ethnic backgrounds are twice as likely to be unemployed than white women - and are reporting having to 'Westernise' their names or removing hijabs to improve their chances of getting a job.

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