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Today I'd like to share with you-Granny's method of canning green beans.Each person who cans-has their own little tricks or preferences on how to assemble the ingredients-and to complete the steps necessary to produce the finished product.

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Check your pressure canner's instructions for the amount of water you should add.

Following the directions to her pressure canner-she attaches the lid-and places the canner on the stove-and begins heating the unit.

During my lifetime-I've ate lots of green beans-and lets just say none compare to Granny's-of course this may be cause I'm slightly prejudice where she's concerned.

But Granny is experienced-she cans on the average-90 quarts of green beans each summer.

After the jars have cooled completely-Granny removes the rings to use again-and stores the canned green beans until needed.

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