Sexsi vidyo chat - Sql sp4 validating user

by  |  25-Jul-2018 10:11

I am validating there will not be issues prior to starting the update at some time in the future where there is a scheduled down time.It has been pointed out to me that while the timing of this answer is slightly off from my scenario.

Now when the update is in planning stage, I move the Service Pack to the server and test it through "Check Files in Use" or "Ready to update".

I cancel the update at that point, and feel as confident as I can that during the update, I will not run over the scheduled downtime window.

But to address the elephant in the room even if you're patching just one or two servers then you should allocate more time than 30 minutes; 60-120 minutes is about right especially if you have AGs/FCIs/mirroring/replication and Enterprise features.

If you have a few dozen servers you can compress that into about four hours because you'll be partly automating at that stage and it's pretty rare that they'll all fail with completely different issues.

Or the repeated failures from MS screwing up instances with filestream so you have to go into Add/Remove Programs and do a repair before reapplying the update.

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