Sarah silverman and matt damon dating

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Louis Cardinals fan who's married to a New York Mets fanatic.But even that doesn't get in the way for Jimmy Kimmel and wife Molly Mc Nearney.

When you do find a really funny woman, it's great, but it's about the person being funny, no matter what gender they are. When you're the only woman in a room, you want to just blend in.

I didn't want to be hired because I was a woman, but I also didn't want to be disrespected because I was a woman.

Molly, who started on the show 10 years ago as a writer's assistant and rose through the ranks, and Jimmy haven't shared much about how they got together before, but now Molly opens up to us about her first impression of Jimmy (it wasn't great), working with his ex Sarah Silverman, and why he's the most thoughtful man in the world.

Molly Mc Nearney: The writing staff is in the building next door, and Jimmy's office is in the theater.

Most of us write from home in the morning, and then we email all of our ideas to Jimmy.

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