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This document describes the Courier mail server´s extended maildirs, without explicitly identifying The Courier mail server-specific extensions.

See maildir(5) in Qmail´s documentation for the original definition of maildirs.

Folders are additional subdirectories in the maildir whose names begin with a period: such as . US-ASCII characters, U 0x0020 - U 0x007F, except for the period, forward-slash, and ampersand characters (U 0x002E, U 0x002F, and U 0x0026) represent themselves.

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The period, forward slash, and non US-ASCII Unicode characters are represented using the UTF-7 character set, and encoded with a modified form of base64-encoding.

The “&” character starts the modified base64-encoded sequence; the sequence is terminated by the “-” character.

This applies whether messages created by a process are all added to the same, or different, maildirs.

This protocol allows multiple processes running on multiple machines on the same network to simultaneously create new messages without stomping on each other.

Maildir contents A “maildir” is a directory that´s created by maildirmake(1)[1].

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