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We have totally different styles but we discovered that we have the same fans somehow.We met on Warped and talked to Rian and we found out they weren’t assholes, and actually were sweet, cool dudes. MF: Before I got into rock music, I was into hip-hop like Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in sixth grade.

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Plus it was our first time playing “Circles”, so that was cool. MF: Yeah, you gotta make it pump and use your full energy.

HN: The first time I listened to “Phantom Power and Ludicrous Speed”, it made me think of that scene in “Spaceballs” where Dark Helmet is like ‘prepare for ludicrous speed! I get so upset when I don’t hear guitar riffs, so we always make sure we get some in there. the sound of it matches perfectly with the ‘don’t chase your nightmares’ bit. MF: We wanted something heavy but pretty sounding ‘cause we didn’t want the whole song to sound super mean.

We talked about what goes into the song titles, lyrics and music, Harry Potter, and playing with one kick vs. Mike Fuentes: Oh it was wild, yeah it was our release show. MF: It’s different, plus the energy down there is wild. MF: We do a lot of 90s stuff in our music, like there was supposed to be a Beetlejuice quote before “Today I Saw The Whole World” and we tried to get the rights to it, but they said no, so.

We got to celebrate with 4,000 people singing the old songs as well as new. HN: Your guitar riffs are always well structured, but I’ve been telling everyone Tony was on some next level stuff with the guitar riffs on this album.

2016 is poised to be the band’s biggest year as “Misadventures” debuted at number 4 on the Billboard charts and had a handful of their “Misadventures” tour dates sell out.

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