Phpizabi dating

by  |  25-Mar-2018 22:32

In the article Karl Hodge explains how PHPizabi is the ideal social networking site engine with messaging and chat features.

One of the most interesting statements very early on in this article is this: But we’ll come back to this later.

We begin with the preparation steps, where we see a screenshot of the author’s attempt: “” – it looks pretty neat.

Sure i’m a pretty advanced user, so I’ll skip this and jump directly to the comments to see what’s been said. Visiting the site, I’m greeted with quite a pretty looking site, however the last entry in their news is a vulnerability report from back in August 2008, I figured this would be fixed by now and proceeded to download regardless.

Take your time, meet some new friends, and make yourself at home.

i been looking for a dating software or myspace kind of script.

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