Oracle cursor for updating in oracle

by  |  01-Apr-2018 00:48

The old version of a block pointed to by the BE created earlier would not be updated, but a new block would be created for the current BE with updated data.

BEs are not only fast to create, they are very economical from a storage perspective because the copy, that is, the current BE, has only blocks that are different from the original environment.

oracle cursor for updating in oracle-41

A PL/SQL static SQL statement can have a PL/SQL identifier wherever its SQL counterpart can have a placeholder for a bind variable.

The PL/SQL identifier must identify either a variable or a formal parameter.

Notice that once you have updated the record, an asterisk (*) shows next to the record.

As before, click the Commit Changes to update the record in the database.

If you want to use F5 for a single statement then you can select the statement and click F5.

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