Sex chat without registraction charge - No butterflies when dating

by  |  11-Oct-2018 03:37

I know that probably sounds like the least romantic thing you can think of; but in many cases, more than you may think, it’s true.But sometimes when a woman doesn’t get that warm and fuzzy feeling from a man right away, she may quickly dismiss the thought of ever giving him a chance.

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Eventually, I realized he possessed many of the characteristics I wanted in a man.

He was funny, ambitious, spiritual, and he wasn’t broke. You’re probably thinking, if he was so great and we had so much fun together, why is he my ex?

I used to be one of those women but soon realized that even the man who doesn’t immediately give me butterflies has the potential of becoming someone I fall in love with; and not giving someone a chance based on an initial feeling like butterflies or sparks that you hear about in the movies might actually block me from meeting a good man.

To some this may sound like settling, especially if it causes you to ditch some of the shallow prerequisites you may want in a man.

I’ve talked to many married women who claim that they were not initially attracted to their husbands, some couldn’t even stand them at first; but somehow they ended up giving these guys a shot and they’ve been together ever since.

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