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It appears that most of the effort on Ludwig drum dating focused on the Keystone badge drums.

Ludwig dating

I know their numbers are incorrect because I have drums with six digit serial numbers, bought as a factory set in 1974, that start with 957, 958, 959, 961 and 969.

Has anyone ever researched or questioned what appears to be erroneous information? According to the chart you provided, your drums were made in 1976, assuming you have Blue & Olive badges, except for the serial #1755xxx, which would be 1977 to 1979.

It does not appear that as much effort went into gathering serial numbers for B/O badges.

Of the three Ludwig dating charts presented on the vintagedrumguide ( only the one you cite even addresses the 70s drums.

The vintagedrumguide has the following statement: "If you are trying to figure out the serial number with a Ludwig serial number dating guide, it will not work.

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