Launcher pro plus calendar not updating

by  |  24-Jul-2018 11:20

I guess it is a bug in the Launcher Pro free version.

Or maybe they did this on purpose to make you want to buy the full version I added and removed and added back.

Enabled vertical scrolling in the “Facebook Login” process so that users with low Pixel density devices (like HTC Wildfire) can reach the buttons. This is the last promised widget in the Launcher Pro Plus series (Note: there *will* be more widgets in the future, after making some improvements to the current widgets).

I had this problem as well, which is one of the reasons I got Launcher Pro Plus. Either way, it is annoying that the calendar does not update.

I guess I will have to decide to go with paid version or go back to stock.

While this doesn’t mean he won’t continue to add more widgets down the line, he won’t promise anything for the immediate future.) Also added is the ability to customize your homescreen grid size, a feature many ADWLauncher fans have been enjoying for a while.

Take a look at the full list of changes and fixes below, and be sure to go grab your update from the Android market or the Launcher Pro site after you’ve done that.

We know we’re a few days late (we’ve been very busy), but Federico Carnales has just updated his Launcher Pro app – versioned – which brings a nice list of improvements and new features.

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