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They develop their artistic or bad-ass qualities: Independent thinkers invoke emotion #4.

They become the life of the party and always have a great time: “Lifes of the party” invoke emotions #1, #2, #3.

Every day you see bald men, fat men, short men and even ugly men with good-looking women.

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Look at a picture of a gorgeous model, and pay attention to how your mind starts going crazy. The strange thing is, most men invert the attraction levels and put logical factors at the top.

All at once you feel emotions of insecurity, vanity and power, among others. They tell a woman a great joke, give her a kind compliment, speak in an intelligent way, and become frustrated when women back away from their advances.

In most cases, women are more attracted to masculine men, just like how most men would rather date the girly-girl cheerleader than the tom-boy.

Masculinity is a primal attraction trigger, and there’s no real logic behind it. How to use this to become more attractive to women: Go to the mall with an in-the-know female friend, and ask her to find clothes for you. Keep this in mind: Whenever a woman is approached, the first thing she wonders is “Why is this person talking to me?

Subconsciously (and sometimes consciously), we feel the need to live a more exciting life … and to pursue our dreams and live out our aspirations.

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