dating foreign service printing - John lloyd young and lea michele dating

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Lea Timeline Circa: Aug, 2008 (8/8-10)Lea finally gets to play Epoinne in a special concert series for the Hollywood Bowl in LA.

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John also had a small role on way back in Season 1, playing Henri St.

Pierre, the thumbless woodshop teacher who joins Acafellas but gets addicted to cough syrup.

Lea Timeline August 2008 - 2012The Timeline picks up when Lea moves to LA for the Les Miz concert.

Lea decided to go to LA for a short time to do Les Miz and audition for shows in LA, she was hoping to get a guest spot or two on some tv shows just to boost her resume.

John will also appear in the third episode of glee called “Accafellas” as Henri the shop teacher with no thumbs.

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