Jensen ackles and sophia bush dating celina jaitley dating

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What happens when the grand prize is the life of the guy he loves?

A year ago, Emmalee Hensen's life spiraled out of control.

8 years later he goes to see his sister in Hope Land Institute in order to complete his mothers dying wish - forgive Mack for killing their brother.

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Along with his rag-tag crew he flies through the black enjoying the simple freedom that the Alliance can't take from him. One problem: Jensen hanged with the coworkers that didn't like Jared.

He likes the uncomplicated life, until a man boards his ship with a strange crate. When Chad opened his mouth to start an argument with the guy that fucked with Jared. Jensen is the omega prince of Mohenjo-Daro, who is too beautiful to look at.

When Jared’s ex-boyfriend Jensen is released from prison, he ends up giving him a place to stay.

As they navigate around each other, he’s forced to re-evaluate his life and their failed relationship and decide if he has it in him to forgive Jensen and give him another chance. Jensen Ackles knows this all too well, and makes it a point to never get too attached.

Can Jared and his baked goods help change Jensen's attitude about love and convince him that maybe, just maybe, there can still be a happily ever after?

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