Is rupert grint still dating georgia groome Give mobile number for sex chat on web

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He and Georgia Groome have been together for awhile, they have been seen togehter numerous times, she went to Brussels and she was just in NY with him. He doesn’t have to name her but he should at least acknowledge the relationship.

Re: the above comment: He admitted in a interview for Mojo last year that he had a girlfriend, and after that interview came out, Georgia got a lot of hate online, and apparently one girl insulted her to Rupert’s face in a bar after a Mojo performance.

He’s so sweet, I don’t think he likes refusing to answer journalists’ questions! It’s totally understandable that he avoids the topic about his love life as possible as he can since the very unpleasant experiences he had during Mojo period.

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Is rupert grint still dating georgia groome

Below is an endearing quote about a new girl in Rupert‘s life: Despite the obvious lure of Hollywood – and he is chatting from a rented apartment in Manhattan – Rupert has no plans to up sticks and leave the UK for good. Helping him feel at home in the Big Apple is a new addition to the Grint household – a tortoise called Madeleine.

She’s not named after anyone in particular (no money-grabbing ex-girlfriend? Don’t hesitate to head over to their website (HERE!

Of course he has every right to want to keep his relationships private.

I guess it would seem more honest to me if he just flat out said that it is a topic he will not discuss rather than denying that the relationship exists.

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