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A common rule among millennial women seems to be "over 35" is too old if you're around that age. I think everyone here is smart enough to understand it. The answer is ALWAYS 18, no matter the value of "A" or "x". They certainly don't care what you think, and if they're not paying your bills, then what right do they have to dictate how you live your life? It does not matter what women at the wrong side of the Wall and still waiting for Mr. The only thing that matters is that there is chemistry between you two, and that you are doing nothing illegal. You got where you are by hard work, and all that certainly deserves a reward, such as a hot piece of ass. I just took an 18 year olds virginity a few months ago.

For everyone else, they'll pretty much be high-fiving you. But for the lurkers, the feminists-----those who aren't intelligent, essentially---I want to explain this. Some guy is on a yacht off the coast of Greece right now enjoying the sunshine and the gently flowing waves with a beautiful woman 20 years younger than him, while his employees back in America sit for 8 hours a day in drab 4' by 4' cubicles under fluorescent lighting, getting screamed at by customers, call after call. If a society which encourages deviant behavior such as same sex marriages (and much worse things than that) has a issue with you dating a girl much younger that you, then screw them!! Carry on, and again, screw what the rest of society thinks. Final thought and TLDR: Women in their 30s won't like it one bit. I had a 19 year old plate for over a year, I've banged younger and been on dates with them plenty. Also, if the guy tells the girl he’s in his early 30s but she initially thought he was in his early 20s, would she lose interest in him?

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Would you date someone who is a year younger than you?

What would you think of a guy in his early 30s who looks like he’s in his early 20s and has a decent paying job and a college degree who was dating a 19 year old girl going to a community college to get a nursing certification? I think Giovonny might have some advice regarding that.

How old are you (just curious about what people of different ages think)? If you've already done that, then there is also nothing to worry about.

Is there a general consensus on what people think of this type of dating situation? As for you lying about your age to her, have you told her already?

She asked of my age because i look more 'boyish' than 'manly' as people always tell me i'm like 5 years younger than my actual age.

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