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I think the metal paper weight was again a special.

Valerie says we had one but we cant lay our hands on it now.

At one time I had a SO folder from 1947 which had been made by a bindery in Biggleswade, Beds. Dear Reg, I have just seen Keith Batchelors photo of HMSO items in HMSOldies and I feel I must comment. They are 53-22 for the plastic ruler which is in front of me as I type this email and 64-12 for the scissors.

I used it for years to hold letters sent to me by Estabs. No doubt at some stage it will all go into the clearance skip. Thank you for your interest, stimulated by Keith Batchelor's competition. The stapler in the photo was not a stock item in my day but my memory is going back to 1957.

I was also saddened to learn about the unfortunate circumstances of Alan Milburn's passing and hope his death was not the result of foul play.

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