Hwanhee dating

by  |  19-Mar-2018 10:53

Hwanhee graduated from Gwang Moon High School before his debut.

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To be honest, I'm saving myself of a lot of drama and I love the little time I have for myself on a daily basis with work and all, I doubt I'd be excited to share that time with someone.

Apparently Jaejoong is dating this model named Jaein according to this random website Miner8what I want to know is:1) Is this true? 3) And if they are not dating when will Jaejoong have a dating scandal? I will forever be the lonely person in this corner who just wants Jaejoong to have kids and dote on them but be ignored so that I can laugh at him ...

I hope he's dating, he's only got three more years till it's army time.

There's only one kpop couple I really, really want to happen and it's Dongwoo and Aileei just know that basically every one in teen top is dating because several months ago i was searching twitter to see if jiyeon (glam) had been talked about recently in k-fandom and damn teen top have some crazy stalkerish fans who have set up whole accounts to update about and criticise their gfs...edit: to clarify i mean glam k-fandom because i read this back and it was a lil vaguethey know or are you keeping as a secret that you're also dating others?

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