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Homeowners want an open floor plan where the kitchen, family room and dining room share one vast open space.

Also, formal dining rooms seem to be going out of style.

If half the homes in your neighborhood are boasting for-sale signs, curb appeal can give your property the edge -- so put a fresh coat of paint on your siding, re-stain your deck or power-wash your patio, and trim back any overgrown shrubs.

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Most homeowners have a room or two they'd like to overhaul, and when you're looking to sell, those must-do projects seem even more important.

But while a major renovation might boost your home's value, does anyone really have the bottomless bank account to fund those big projects?

"It's the first thing people see when they pull up, so do they want to come in or not? If your entryway is lackluster, consider investing in a mahogany door or a decorative-glass style.

It only takes a few dollars to make your home feel infinitely more warm and welcoming.

Actually, making your home seem open and airy can be easier than you think.

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