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Everything they've produced in the last 5 years is essentially spyware.

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For this reason, until the issue is dealt with, I am advising people to refrain from updating to W10 at the moment. I actually just reverted back to Windows 7 after jumping through a series of hoops. It has so many conflicts, very poor driver support, is a memory hog AND records and uploads a great deal of confidential user information and there is no way to completely shut that part off.

I had Windows 10 on my computers for 4 days before coming to the very easy decision to uninstall the update and to verify that it did not leave and "spys" behind, which it actually try to do and I have to manually remove them. I just found all the Music I have been writing, posted on the internet that was on my PC and made Private so that other jack-wagons wouldn't steal it.

I worked with the drivers and devices to try and resolve the issue,sinding that an awful lot of people out there have had the same problem and it appeared in the development preview versions since 2014.

I have been a developer (MCSE 2000) since the eighties and have encountered most Microsoft and Windows problems over the years in my work as a programmer in the City, but this one defeated me and I was obliged to reinstall 7.1 from scratch. If you have, you might take that back - Windows 10 is still very buggy at this moment, and it's constantly crashing my pc. In fact, I think Windows 10 will go down in history as one of the worst OS since Windows Millennium.

I have an HP with Lightscribe and somehow my CD ROM was replaced in my system with a basic CD ROM drive, so I had to go mess around in the registry and create an enumerator device value to Atapi, along with having to update my driver back to my original HP CDDVDW Cd Rom Device, and my DVD player works just fine again now.

Gridview1rowupdating cancel update

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