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A three-course meal costs 390 kroner (£45), not including wine. Áarstova (00; in an historic timber house in central Tórshavn also does excellent seafood dishes (mains from £25).

Hvonn Brasserie (35; on the harbour is more affordable but less exciting, with mains from about £15.

Sandwiched by dramatic mountains, it is understandably popular, so book as far in advance as you can.

A double room with breakfast costs from 700 kroner (£85).

Towering sea cliffs front the northern islands, where human life would seem implausible were it not for the brightly coloured timber houses that dot the landscape.

Starkly beautiful mountainous interiors stretch for mile upon mile, often with nary another soul to disturb the solitude of hikers.

The Gjáargarður Hotel (00 298 42 31 71; in Gjógv, about an hour from Tórshavn, is perhaps the ideal place for a taste of the rugged, remote beauty of the Faroe Islands in a comfortable setting.

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