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In addition, certain seasonal, recreational employees can be considered exempt from certain provisions.

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Professional: Learned or Professionals which requires performance requiring knowledge of an advanced type, which normally means more than a high school education, in a field or science and/or learning and Artistic Professionals which requires performance of original and creative work requiring invention, imagination or talent in a recognized field of artistic endeavor.

Administrative: Employees who perform non-manual work directly related to management policies, such as Advisory Specialists to management and generally do not perform "production work" and have the authority and power to make independent judgements and exhibit discretion Computer Professional: Computer professionals may qualify as exempt under the professional exemption if they meet Special duties criteria and are paid either on a salary basis or an hourly amount which is at least $45.84 per hour.

A: You should discuss with the exempt employee the expectations of the position, including the need to be present in order to perform work that is essential to the unit's operations or the need to arrive by a certain time in order to assure that the workplace is properly staffed for business.

Discussions should focus on the responsibilities of the exempt employee and how those expectations relate to time spent at work.

[Return to Top of Page] FLSA FAQ’s A: The exemption status does not diminish the professional nature and significance of any job at the University. The University considers all employees as "professionals" and emphasizes appropriate job classifications, merit pay, performance incentives and professional development.

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