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I have written elsewhere that it looks doubtful that musicians will be able to make much of a living from their recordings given the kind of pittance that trickles down from streaming services after record labels and others have taken their pieces of the pie.

It appears that it will be harder and harder for musicians to even get to the level of audience where they can make a living based on income from live shows.

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Naturally, Talking Heads fans will find much to savour within them.

Learning that the lyrics to 1980’s Once in a Lifetime were inspired by a recording of a preacher, or that the oversized suits worn in their seminal concert film Stop Making Sense were inspired by ancient Japanese theatre, is a joy.

My assumption in coming to this conclusion is that the impact of these services will be this profound because they might soon be the way most folks consume recorded music.

Music consumption through streaming grew 32% from 2012 to 2013 in the U. At present these services are, in some countries, a small ancillary revenue stream for musicians, and in those cases they’re viewed as another welcome revenue stream.

It is as accessible as pop yet able to posit deep and startlingly original thoughts and discoveries in almost every paragraph.

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