Dating violence in adolescents

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The economic disparities that continue to exist between men and women continue to reflect inequities and contribute to conditions that increase the vulnerabilities of young girls and women to victimization by violence.

As social workers, committed to social justice and gender equity, it is important to advocate for policies and practices that promote gender equity and equal treatment of women and girls in their relationships, their families, and in society.

While it is important to understand and identify the individual correlates of violence, it is also important to understand the role of social institutions in impacting gender-based violence.

The previous legal right of men to beat their wives - the notorious "rule of thumb"- provides some insight into the institutionalization of gender inequities and gender-based violence.

The notion that "boys will be boys" has framed our thinking and responses to this issue, the immediate and long-term consequences of which have not been considered until recent years.

Dating violence in adolescents

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