Dating site for 13 year olds

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some tips to make it more interesting: - give them a timelimit in which they should read the item correctly (and make it a sharp time , preferably just a little quicker then they are able to do ). Or even change a bit to: "What can't you do without a boat? The class decides what is the problematic situation A is in. this will make it into a performance competition and helps you keep up the pace so the ones in the back don't get bored. I have told her I get all the good ideas from the net. " "We can't cross the river.", "We can't sleep in the river." We cannot go on a cruiser." "We cannot spend the Sunday cleaning it! E.g: A ate in a restaurant and finds she/he has no money. He then has to write that word with his finger on the back of the kid standing in front of him.

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Objective of the game is to reach the end of a list as fast as you can.

(It's great fun if you play with them...) It will take them forever to get to the last word, 'cause they keep dropping the ball.

Halfway through I switch and tell them to start with the last word and work there way to the first word, so they learn all words (put the easy ones in the middle ) Har Har Har Can be used for anything you want, only one student at the time speaks though, but still... Get a basket and a ball, when they do an english assignment correctly, let them try to put the ball in the basket, earning them a point for their team.

One thing though, they have to shoot, standing with their back to the basket. Lesson: Timefiller/Writing Put the students in one line and give the last kid in the line a word.

- s-m-i-l-e and cheat , some kids are just slower, when nobody else is listening, tell them they read well and let them sit down (not always), builds their confidence. thanks for all the good games Ralph I read this thread on Tuesday and then yesterday my low level Grade one High School students (age 16) finished an activity early (they have low concentration) so I did the line game. A comes back and must figure out, with as many questions as she needs, what is the situation she is in.

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