Dating jessica stein

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Bien que celle-ci figure dans la section "Femmes cherchent femmes", elle décide d'y répondre.

C'est ainsi qu'elle rencontre, dans un bar, la séduisante Helen Cooper. Lassées des rôles de belles plantes qui leur étaient régulièrement proposés, Jennifer Westfeldt et Heather Juergensen se sont, de leur propre aveu, inspirés de grands créateurs comme Billy Bob Thornton, Edward Burns ou Ben Affleck pour interpréter elles-mêmes leur scénario.

The film is a positive reinforcement on the value of relationships to an individual's personal growth and spiritual evolution."Kissing Jessica Stein" is a highly intelligent romantic comedy that goes deep to explore emotional relationships: Not only between Jessica and Helen but also between Jessica and her Mother, Jessica and Josh, other co-workers and all of their friends.

Couples are fascist and in the movie world being alone is a fate worse than death.

That's where we pick up with Jessica Stein (cute beyond words Jennifer Westfeldt) being constantly hounded by her hyperbolically obsessed mother to hurry up and "find someone" like her brother.

The movie doesn't show women's lesbian tendencies in the casual way of, say, Chasing Amy, but explores the sheer oddity of it as a novelty plot gimmick.

One of the best scenes in the film is Helen's gay friend voicing offense to the unfair way she seems to choose her sexuality whenever it's convenient for her.

The first few minutes of "Kissing Jessica Stein" are pretty routine.

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