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Aubrey's greatest find was what we know as Stonehenge in Avebury, England.He realised that the site was older than the Roman era and brought it to the attention of the King, Charles II.Because they were Christian, the two researchers based their timescale on this.

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Archaeologists look at bones left after meals, or the skeletons of animals and ancient people, broken pots, ruins, works of art, weapons and any other leftovers of ancient times. Even the Romans collected ancient relics, but they did it for money or curiosity rather than for information about the past.

This science shows us the everyday life of our ancestors and is valuable because it tells us who our ancestors were and how they existed and evolved. Archaeology as we know it is rooted in the studies of 17th and 18th century British historians John Aubrey, who lived from 1626 to 1697, and William Stukeley, who lived from 1687 to 1765.

This enabled survival and supports the belief in “survival of the fittest”.

Evolution happens very slowly and can take millions of years.

All of these records can be destroyed by fire or water, and are presented from the point of view of the writer or recorder.

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