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I recommend this book to all young men out there, for it can teach them how to avoid the pitfalls of being with the wrong person. 20, 2015 : Michael tells what is on his heart and the lessons he's learned.

Using Scripture from the Holy Bible and his own personal experience, Michael wants young men in particular to know what he endured with this evil seductress and how God can help you if you seek God's help.

The author describes an eighteen-month-long affair he had with a married seductress, an experience that sucked the very life out of him.

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Through the author’s prayers and faith in his Savior Jesus Christ, he was delivered from this emissary of Satan. Since his deliverance from this woman, the author has been enjoying great peace and joy in his life. While it is a great read for everyone, young men in particular can benefit from the author’s experience.

The author outlines the character traits of a seductress, based on the observations that he made of this seductress throughout the time that he was with her.

Moments like these are what Dating Delilah hope to share, influence and create; the moment when one personal decision, influenced by one feeling, can change the course of countless peoples lives..." WATCH OUR MUSIC VIDEO!

Combining right words and melodies in a song can create a feeling, in an instant, that can spur a decision that can change a destiny.

However, the best part of the whole story is the truth that good always triumphs over evil.

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