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Don’t ever do what your BFF suggests, unless she is risking the friendship by telling you something you don’t want to hear. He’s cute too – he kind of reminds me of Peter Krause (Adam on Parenthood). Most posts of this sort are total crap, but this one is excellent.

But the part that’s really datey—other than the fact that you can taste olive oils together and show off your sophisticated palate (please refrain from being too obnoxious)—is the view. They ripped out the back and made a giant opening, and it is the sickest view ever. Personally, I’m Italian, and being around all that pasta is just plain romantic to me.

I've been reading Smitten for about half a decade.

This revised edition features two new sections—one on making love and another on deepening trust—containing over 25 new "flash cards for real life," written statements that hold the power to express what we wish we could say to the person we love but for which we can't find either the right words or the right tone in which to say them.

Each of the statements in this book is accompanied by "field notes" from the author that explain when, why, and how to use the statement, as well as real-life stories from the author's practice.

Couples therapist Nancy Dreyfus hit upon this revolutionary practice during a particularly angry "The most crucial relationship advice book since Men Are from Mars." —Erin Meanley, Talk to Me Like I'm Someone You Love is a brilliant interactive relationship tool that can help couples stop arguing and begin healing.

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