Dating a perfectionist

by  |  09-Apr-2018 09:34

Instead of allowing shame and embarrassment to overwhelm you every time your discomfort becomes visible, muster up the courage to explain your struggle with perfectionism as well as your fear of letting him down. You are more than your intense work ethic and your daily visits to the gym.

It’s very likely he’s already picked up on these people-pleasing tendencies of yours.04. Now that you’re in a relationship, someone is going to bring out parts of you that you might not have discovered otherwise.

If it weren’t for his unintentional habit of making me fret, I would never grow as a person.

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Above all, remember that no person has to prove themselves worthy of another person’s love and you are no exception to that.

Rather than planning your life around a set of unrealistic standards, try accepting your flaws and the flaws of those you love and then committing to working on them together.

Above all I scoffed at the friends who stayed out all night partying–didn’t they realize the art of success?

I didn’t understand the appeal when I was so comfortable in my tiny, safe bubble.

In the past I was always willing to jump into a romance with both feet—this time around I was filled with fear.

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