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It was “Christianized” and brought into mainstream Christianity. Professing Christianity has traditionally taught that Christ died on a two-beamed cross—His feet nailed together, with arms outstretched. Other times they used wooden crosses by attaching beams either at or just below the top.

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Some bring remembrance of events, places or people: national flags, war memorials, monuments to famous persons, or grave markers. Yet few people consider what meaning this symbol has for God.

Many questions flow from this: Does God want you to wear a cross and display it where you live?

He wants others to know he is “Christian.”The cross is venerated and admired across the wide spectrum of traditional Christian churches.

It is a cornerstone symbol—supposedly representing the message of Jesus Christ and how He died for the sins of humanity.

The ring, which dates back to 1953, reportedly belonged to a Tennessee-based jewelry collector before it was bought at the auction.

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