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My general comment on her expertise is that about a third of what she says is good advice; about a third of what she says will work, but is exceedingly complicated (and a much simpler solution is available), and about a third is completely wrong.In the second category, Simon B asked her how to get coffee out of carpet.

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We export our products to Europe, America, Asia, Russia.

And with motto, EPS World Best Movement at our company, we desire to become the best petrochemical products company in the world.

Her answer was a complex, three-step procedure involving paper towels, glycerine, and a soap stick. Probably, but if you understand the chemistry of coffee there is a much simpler solution.

The brown colour produced by the roasting of coffee beans is a class of chemical called melanoidins, the naturally occurring result of any roasting process with sugars and amino acids.

We started joint ventures with China and India where the biggest engineering markets are and we are producing EPS in those countries to both overcome trade barriers and to gain presence in the future market.

Chemical dating

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