Black male seeks asian female for dating

by  |  20-Aug-2018 04:51

But what I can say, most asian girls are shy (some wild one thought, I know from experience) but you have to initiate. Im African as well, not to dark and I've had success with asian women just twice but they told me they liked me, both chinese. With no doubt Asian women are shy and usually will not make the first move to initiate a conversation.

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Usually it is the other way around, it is usually the female who tries to push forward for more commitment, after all, you are a man, you should be playing the field.

You are pursuing her so hard that you have pursued her out the relation. The male is suppose to make the initial move, the female is suppose to do most of the work after that.

Two weeks ago, I asked her out for dinner and she said yes. Our conversations are always great and not awkward at all.

We haven't held hands or kissed yet but we usually hug intimately.

She is doing very little to move the relationship forward.

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