Benefits consolidating schools what to say message online dating

by  |  14-May-2018 11:14

Dillon says he views the MGT study as weak for this reason.

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West says he is “cautious about applying any set of research to any community.” But, he said, “the evidence [regarding the benefit of smaller schools] is consistent enough that it should be incorporated into decisions.” West further stated that, while smaller schools may be better, there was not much evidence that enhanced school facilities made a difference in student outcomes.

Regionalization “scares the daylights out of people,” Pignatelli added.

Let’s put everyone together, some have said, thus avoiding a tax hike brought on by a full-scale renovation.

“Every so many years communities get together and talk about consolidation,” said Berkshire Hills Superintendent Peter Dillon.

Iowa has recently seen several rounds of consolidation.

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