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by  |  19-Feb-2018 21:20

We will then review the decision and send you a new decision notice either confirming or amending the original decision.

If you need help completing the e-form, please see our e-form factsheet.

At the completion of the e-form, you will be presented with a page that asks you to provide us with evidence to support your new claim.

If you are on a low income, even if you are working, you may be able to get help with your rental costs. If you are making a new claim and are single or living in one of the following postcode areas, you may need to claim Universal Credit instead.

Postcode areas: SN25 2, SN4 0, SN4 4, SN4 7, SN4 8, SN4 9, SN5 0, SN5 3, SN5 4, SN5 5, SN5 8, SN6 6, SN14 8, BA2 7, BA11 2, BA11 6.

If you are unable to phone us, see other ways you can contact us - see below.

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