Arashi ohno dating

by  |  05-May-2018 22:00

They became good friends and ever since they'd often go out for drinks and stuff.People who are close to them also say that her more energetic performances in her projects may be attributed to having met Ohno.

We don't know how their relationship went, all I could say is, they looked so happy together.

Since all this No-Girlfriend-Thing-Before-You're-Thirty is getting on my nerves, I'm more happy than envious seeing a grinning Ohno with a girl.

Ohno Satoshi, the fisherman, artist and everything else.

Over the years, I've personally observed the increasing number of Ohno fans among Arashi stalkers. But together with his ever changing hairstyle, Ohno also had his own number of girls as the years went by, some with fellow entertainers, others are girls we, as fans, would never get to know about.

This became a dating 'scandal' for Ohno, since it sure doesnt look like edited and our Riidaa is obviously holding the camera.

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