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by  |  12-Oct-2018 06:31

Another reason not to be ignored why less Thai women looking for a foreign acquaintance choose to work in a bar these days, is obviously the role of the Internet and the emergence of social networking sites.

Just a decade ago, single Thai girls would hardly use dating sites to hook up with foreign guys.

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We have documented this continuous decline extensively on this page.

In a nutshell, the bar job in Pattaya’s red-light districts attracts less and less ladies each year; the available “girls” are getting “old, fat and lazy” and prefer to play with their smartphones than chat with a lonesome punter.

According to our estimates, Pattaya has more than 10,000 bar girls spread over more than a thousand bars; so why would you require the service of escorts in a city that has ladies waiting for you at nearly every street corner?

To start with, not only “old hands” will assure you that Pattaya’s “good old” bar girl industry is no longer quite what it used to be.

On the other hand, many foreign (sex) tourists, too, are increasingly fed up with the often less than mediocre services provided by many bar girls these days, and we don’t just mean between the sheets.

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