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I would not be able to live with her until we got married because that is considered a sin! – Nurse, 48 I don’t allow for her to really date at a younger age.

It’s funny, until this day my dad still treats me like I am in high school! She said she was going out with some friends and their family. If for whatever reason it happens, I want to know who this person is, who is this boy? But at the same, there were always reminders for them to do the right thing.

– Coordinator for Immigrant and Refugee Services, 25 My parents were strict and did not want me to have a boyfriend until later, but I did anyways.

There was some sneaking around when I was younger, like Grade 9.

– Marketing Consultant, 39 My parents thought it was better for me to hang out with girlfriends than hanging out with the boys too much.

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