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Among Bonaparte’s conclusions were that shorter women were more likely to have proximal vulval features, and in her wry humor, Mary Roach writes: Put it all together and it spells bad news for the stereotypical American male.

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Her sharp eye and sense of humor didn’t miss the fact that the parking lot at this very factory was full of cars with crosses hanging from their rear-view mirrors.

There are revealing chapters about the works of several 19th century gynecologists, the fascinating and dubiously ethical methods of study used by sex researchers Masters and Johnson, Kinsey and others, and an array of footnotes that are remarkable and hilarious.

After all, for those of us dedicating our energy to demonstrating that scientists are people – not evil geniuses out to conquer the world, or needy geeks who can barely tie their shoelaces – this book does not really help our cause.

Many of the sex researchers described in the book are notoriously single-minded in their pursuit.

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