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"So why don't you tell me something about you that I don't know? My parents died when I was little and I had to raise myself. The company used them and a lot of them got sick, some even died," whispered Rocky."That's… I thought they were trying to save lives, not ruin them," whispered Everest."The drugs do save lives, but at the cost of other lives, Everest.I mean, I know you've been part of the team for years but was there anything about you before we met you could tell me? I only saw a few humans who traveled in ships for fish and penguin pictures before I met you guys. "Rocky frowned as he twirled his straw in his drink a bit before he stared into it. Besides, my parents don't care about the results, just the profits.AN: People have said that there hasn't been an Everest x Rocky focus romance before.

There really isn't anything new with me or in general so we can just get started.

The pups couldn't stay pups forever, they had to grow up eventually.

Both Zuma and Rubble had girlfriends who looked to be potential mates, leaving him all alone without anyone to take on as a mate.

thought Rocky as he continued working on his recycling truck while eyeing the pack of puppies playing around with each other as Marshall, Skye, and Chase watched and interacted with their children. " said Jenna who took it all with a smile before leaving."You really should have gone out to play with her," said Ryder from behind the mixed breed. We took it off with Alex's Mini-Patrol covering everything."Rocky couldn't help but giggle.

Rocky was pretty sure that the urge to mate was the closest thing to "intoxication" a pup could get, next to drinking, because all he could think about was how great it would be to put his "Little Rocky" in some females rear end.

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