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To date, he has yet to find an environment that he could not overcome with his primitive survival skills.But he plans to keep searching and to keep pushing the limits of what others say is "impossible".Over the course of his life he underwent 9 open-heart surgeries, and consistently overcame many of his doctor's worst fears.

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If you must choose between one location and another, exits are slightly better options for security camera placement—entrances can sometimes have footage distorted by incoming light sources.

For maximal deterrence, place the monitors that display your security camera images in the front of a building.

When he was 9 years old a severe winter storm was predicted to slam Idaho with nearly 3 feet of snow and temperatures that could reach -15 below zero.

He viewed this as the perfect opportunity to test his survival skills that he had been practicing every day after school.

As Jeff got older he began to further his expertise in mountaineering and rock climbing.

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