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He is losing, and he is losing badly if the polls are to be believed, and he is losing badly to a and that is something Donald Trump cannot abide.It is no wonder he wouldn’t say he will concede if (when) he loses the election, telling the moderator, Chris Wallace and the audience that “I will look at it at the time” — when presumably he will determine if there has been so much “fraud” and “rigging” that victory must have been stolen from him.(Though truthfully, why would he admit he’ll concede?

Some criticisms were legitimate and some were ridiculous, but none of them were new.

Having heard them all before, Clinton was well-prepared to brush them aside, letting Trump punch himself out in a froth of spittle and orange-faced anger.

Four words that summed up the right-wing attitude toward Hillary Clinton far, far more succinctly than Ed Klein could ever dream of doing.

That he interrupted an answer she was giving Wallace to throw in the insult was the chauvinist cherry on the misogyny sundae.

The few storms we have had these last few days is to little to late I'm afraid. It gets me off good, when I do something nasty for someone knowing they always wanted it.

Nasty woman chat

Emblematic of this problem is our cultural reference for the man who is generating a lot of sexual contacts: “stud,” whereas a woman engaging in the same types of activity is referenced as “slut” or “nympho.” This kind of prejudice leaves those women with sexual and romantic behavior problems more highly subject to shame and prejudice – and therefore less likely to get help.…
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All the Minutes deposited to the Application user's balance will not be charged back regardless of their amount and ban period. According to the Chat Rules it is strongly prohibited to: - Demonstrate genitals; - Touch genitals even through the clothes; - Demonstrate underwear.…
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