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The facility is located on 60 acres of land in southern Fort Dodge. The facility’s seven housing units are organized to support positive behavior.Recognizing the on-going need for public safety even before the first offenders arrived at the facility the legislature and Governor approved an expansion for an additional 400 beds and program space. In FY01 127 two-man cells were converted to house three offenders. In addition to the housing units the facility consists of administration and treatment buildings, a power plant, and a warehouse.Offenders work in various on-campus and off-campus jobs.

The Iowa Correctional Institution for Women is a minimum/medium security prison.

ICIW houses offenders in its dorm-like living units and celled housing.

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The Iowa Department of Corrections operates nine institutions throughout Iowa.

ICIW provides educational and vocational services to offenders including Adult Basic Education, special education for eligible individuals, and high school equivalency programs.

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