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This disc was given to attendees at E3 1998 to give them a taste of what the CD mag was all about.The intro to this issue is the MST3K video from Issue 2.1 followed by a promo for selling the mag to new viewers.

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Despite only having one disc to work with, the Play Station Underground team still crammed so much content into the issue that the Final Fantasy VII and Bushido Blade demos felt like a bonus. This time it features an Area 51-type warehouse where two FBI-type guys enter to find a UFO.

One of them seems surprised to see it, while the other generally ignores it in favor of something even more top secret.

This issue is most notable for its tours of Naughty Dog and Insomniac Games' studios, plus coverage of E3 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia and GDC in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The eighth issue opens with a blooper reel from the Crash: Warped commercial that featured 7-time Olympic gold medalist Mark Spitz and stuntman Robby Kneivel.

The issue begins with a view of a pyramid with a "U" at the top followed by an Indiana Jones style run through the dungeon to find Issue 2.3 resting on a trap pedestal.

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