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Hold a lighter underneath for a few seconds while drawing on mouthpiece and you'll be turned into something else. (Also don't draw flame through end of pipe and directly down your throat like I did...cough cough) Hope this helps! no vape cloud is leaving my mouth, As I draw, the heat leaves the chamber into my mouth, burning my tongue. Super convenient, and honestly a great starting vaporizer.

Well, i'm using it for the first time, so hopefully this is just first time users struggles. Barely wrote anything, put the unit down to do it, and it's already turned off again. Customer service was great too, there was a mix up with the websites and the order and pricing whatnot, and it was resolved within two days of me getting a hold of them.

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Loved getting the Zeus grinder as part of the deal- thanks!

I looooove how this thing looks like a flask, no one is the wiser! Got this for like 99 bucks on sale a few months ago and it's such a great little present to myself.

If you are frequently on the go, this is an excellent purchase that will help make sure you are never caught without a charge for your Utillian 651 or Utillian 650, no matter where you're driving to.

Compatibility I own 4 different vaporizers and I like my Utillian 650.

Всё, что Вам нужно сделать, чтобы стать премиум (GOLD) пользователем пожизненно и открыть данную опцию, это совершить единовременную покупку любого количества токенов!

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