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do I l QQk like someone that would "wax on..off" between Dojo visits??? His email subject line was: karate sparring partner. Does "karate sparring" have a hidden meaning that I'm too old to pick upon? It seems to me that anyone who was actually into karate would be able to spell "martial arts", but then again...

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As to the younger men/older women...c'mon with your old fashioned attitudes...sure, it can be just for sex...there are many couples where the woman is older than the man. I actually had to block someone from my phone, my yahoo and here.kept on sending sexual messages..flirtatious but raunchy. Like another poster said, they aren't targeting older women.are targeting all women.

SAME as there are many couples where the man is older than the woman. I know what u mean I think they want a mommy figure or they think we are in our sexual prime and if we are single why wouldnt we want a sexy young man, that is just my opinion based on a few that I have talked with. Yep.the older ones think the same.we would want to be with a "sexy" older man.. The younger male is under the mistaken believe the old woman has matured. He is sexually attracted to the old woman and expects the old woman to not have hangups about sex the younger women seem to have.

LOL..doesn't turn me on.I don't think it's a "mommy" figure thing either.is what it is.is the internet and it's FREE..people will be rude or do things they wouldn't think of doing in real life. Likewise, when old men, such as I, and older get attention form younger women.

Because they believe the old man is more mature than the young man her own age.

I just get done posting this and this younger guy e-mails me wanting to sex chat....sheesh.

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