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In face to face conversations, you can claim things like the earth being spherical, WTC 7 being brought down in a controlled demolition or Scarlett Johansen having an awful taste in gala dresses but you will generally have trouble summoning evidence supporting these assertions. You can also get into frustrating situations like being unable to recall the name of a song even though you know a string of lyrics from it, or having forgotten the name of that action film with Nicolas Cage in some prison airplane. Not necessarily due to its innate features (though during trillian chat certain words can be highlighted showing an excerpt from a wikipedia entry) but because instant messaging generally happens online, unless you’re chatting on a closed off intranet, which is just plain stupid.

The fact that instant messaging generally happens on a PC or Mac while being connected to the internet enables you to support whatever conversation you have with a wide variety of sources or illustrations.

Generally text messaging applications allow you to send photos, videos, other applications and links enabling you to for instance show off your new boy/girlfriend or your holiday in Uruguay.

These things are hard to do when you’re talking with someone on the train.

I just wanted to provide some counterweight to people rapping on text messaging while glorifying face to face conversation.

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